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Asbestos Abatement Program

Rideau Social Enterprises has been providing employment opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment for the last 20 years. In 2012, RSE has started a business stream that provides certified training to individuals to become asbestos abatement workers. Through a partnership with the John Howard Society of Ottawa Employment Ontario program, youth are recruited to complete the training and obtain valuable work experience. Following certification, using a temp agency model, these individuals are placed into companies who require workers with these skills.

The John Howard Society has a number of affiliates across Ontario, who developed a social enterprise of this nature. By partnering with the John Howard Societies of Toronto, Hamilton and Durham Region, RSE will fill the abatement worker shortage in these communities. Each JHS partner will recruit and train a Local Business Developer. This person will provide training to the youth, facilitate the testing requirement at an MTCU approved testing site, develop further partnerships with asbestos abatement employers in their local communities and provide on-the-job training to workers. It is the experience of RSE that once a worker has proven themselves to be committed and reliable through the training period, they are offered a full time position when one becomes available.

In 2013, RSE has approached and obtained funding from the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment to support the development of three additional provincial sites in Ontario starting in 2014. The majority of the funding will be used to hire local business developers. The project occurs over a 22 month period which allows the business developers time to establish working relationships with employers so that the project will be self-sustaining and can continue beyond the funding term post 2016.

As of April 2014, this program will target 50 youth per year over two years. These young people face multiple barriers that include: poverty, mental health problems, addiction, homelessness, unemployment and low educational achievement. Current and past clients of Rideau Social Enterprises are predominately either at-risk of justice system involvement or have already been in contact with the youth or adult justice system. By leveraging the partnerships between RSE, John Howard Society, and local Employment Ontario programs, these youth can be recruited to participate in this program and develop skills in the construction sector.

Further, this program would offer a continuous intake model with training sessions being provided as regularly as required. Minimally, each provincial training site would conduct training 6 times per year. Youth who participate in the training will be provided assistance with taking the written exam with a local college that offers the testing for the Asbestos Abatement Worker 253W certification. Following the training, youth will be placed as quickly as possible with employer partners to train on the job. Usually, clients are placed in a job within one month of starting the training.

This program has a high value for the investment as it will provide youth who face multiple barriers to employment assistance in obtaining work with a livable wage, advancement possibilities, and a provincially transferrable trade certification.